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The Kaptain

When he's not playing or designing board games he likes to watch YouTube videos and movies, read, and play classic video games.


In her spare time she likes to read, knit, and obsess over Eurovision. Follow her on Instagram or friend her on GoodReads.



Alex is an amateur board-gamer and an accomplished consumer of whiskey. He enjoys two-player abstract strategy games and cigars. He reads mostly non-fiction, and spends as much time out on the trail as possible.  Alex is married to Sabrina, clearly the most patient and understanding of all women.


Juliana is a neuro-divergent cat mom of three and a board game enthusiast. Her favorite genres of game are worker-placement, deck-building, drafting, and roll and write. When she’s not gaming, she’s probably listening to her true crime podcast, reading a YA novel, or playing Zelda. Juliana met the Board Game Kaptain and Lynn at our FLGS in 2018, and has been gaming with them ever since!



Danielle is an active member of the tabletop game design community with her DMR Creative Group. She serves as an Advisory Board Member of Unpub, Admin for the Board Game Broads, host of the Online Chicago Tabletop Game Design Group and as the lead host of the Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication podcast on the Know Direction Network.

Marcello Bertocchi

Yamatologist by education and gamer by passion (and profession), runs his board game publisher XVgames and works for other publishers; designs games himself and develops games made by others.

Board Game Crew: Team Members
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